Assembly Engineer

BotFactory Inc.
29-10 Thomson Avenue, RM C760, FL 7, STE 11, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States
08/20/2019 14:09:40


We are on the bleeding edge of what can be achieved in the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Assembling field by a small startup. As such, critical thinking throughout the assembly process and extreme attention to detail are our strong points. It's a full hands-on electro-mechanical challenge.

Nobody is perfect and certainly neither are we, but this never stopped us from trying! We are following a clear-accountability & straight-on communication policy. Understanding exactly under what circumstances a problem occurred is the best way to change the process and avoid it in the future. Meticulous assembly instructions, times, materials consumed are only some of the data that everyone needs to register on a regular basis.

Being makers at heart, we like our power tools! Drills, dremels, laser cutters are part of our everyday toolbox and what allows us to bring our machines to life with limited resources. If you feel comfortable with these, our space will feel like home.

Behind each successful assembly is a very well (obsessively) maintained inventory. Even the tiniest screw and crimp needs to be registered, because we like all of them equally! That holds for assembling, purchasing and receiving.

We are strong believers of incremental improvement, we never stop challenging the way we do things, learning, and striving for better. Exceptional mechanical understanding can prove invaluable, but genuine interest for the task at hand can go a very long way as well. We If you believe you have what it takes and survive in a startup jungle environment, go on and apply!

Required Skills

While we are always willing to help our fellow coworkers, we would like you to have some experience with the following:

  • Using power tools and hand tools! Safety is a huge concern for us and we wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable using equipment you haven't used before.
  • Mechanical assembly - Seeing how you will mostly be working on assembling our product we would like you to have some experience assembling mechanical assemblies and general be good with your hands. If you rolled a high dexterity in your stats then you will do well here.
  • Writing concise and thorough documentation on manufacturing procedures. We continually strive for improvement and we take input from everybody equally. If you believe you can change something in our current procedures to make them more efficient we gladly welcome it! We just want you to be able to communicate your ideas clearly and efficiently with the rest of us.
  • Data Entry - We LOVE data! The more information we can receive from our manufacturing processes the better! We need you to log manufacturing times for each sub-assembly and full assembly of the product in order to better understand the time required for each unit. This also includes logging transfers of component/sub-assemblies and assemblies to keep our inventory up to date and consistent.
  • Attention to Detail - Are you the type of person that laughs at "Find the Differences" pictures? We need people that catch the tiniest mistakes, the smallest flaws, we only want the best possible product going out to customers! If you often find yourself using a caliper to verify lengths, widths, and heights then that's great! You will help out verifying the dimensions of pre-fabricated parts on the products. Documenting whether or not pre-fabricated parts fall within the tolerances given by the Mechanical engineering department.
  • One year experience of mechanical or electrical assembly.
Nice to haves:
  • Experience with electronic testing equipment.

  • Experience using a 3D printer and modeling 3D parts.

  • Soldering experience


High School graduate with some experience with technology/manufacturing.