Creating a new product or exploring a new idea starts with prototyping, and is ultimately where expenses rack up and time is drained. BotFactory Squink is the ideal solution for an enormous number of Industries and Applications worldwide. We envision a future where BotFactory is the key research and development tool for new products and new ideas, where everyone from engineers to educators rely on us to get their prototyping done right at their desktop in minutes.

Rapid Prototyping

$5 Billion is spent on printing and assembling PCB prototypes, and millions of man-hours are lost in waiting or iteration. BotFactory's primary vision is to make this process easy for business and industry.

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BotFactory is the essential tool for teaching PCB Design, found in colleges and universities worldwide. Learning is a matter of trial and error, and BotFactory makes that process quicker, easier and less expensive.

Research and Development

R&D is a matter of risk management - going over-budget and losing time while in pursuit of innovative ideas is not an option. BotFactory lightens the load by bringing the fabrication tools to your workbench.

Embedded Systems

The more complex the device, the more iterations are typically required. BotFactory's desktop fabrication tools are ideal for any product development firm.

Internet of Things

The Future of the Internet is physical - what things could you make if you could make them in minutes? Create the next generation of electronic devices with BotFactory

Flexible Electronics 

As we can print on many flexible and novel materials like polyimide, we provide the essential tools for prototyping new applications with Flexible and Wearable Electronics

Smart Labels

There are endless applications for smart labelling. One could  tell package handlers that a box is oriented the wrong way, or that unnecessary shock has been applied to it.  Fabricating the first iterations can be easier with BotFactory.

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PCB Repair

It is possible to print on the surface of PCB boards with our fabrication tools. Print insulating and conductive layers to replace jumper wires and broken traces. Mistakes have solutions with Squink!



All aerospace engineers desire lightweight parts - Printing on light substrates at no extra cost is one of the key features of our technology. Flexible electronics printed with BotFactory's prototyping tools allow the designer to save valuable space as well. 

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