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Dispense Solder Paste and Conductive Glue

Using the Extruder toolhead, lay down solder paste or conductive glue on printed or pre-fab boards in minutes. Squink takes your shaky hands out of the equation so you can get perfect circuits every time. Use our own 2-part epoxies, stick to solder paste or experiment with your own pastes, glues or off-the-shelf products to make durable flexible circuits . Use our powerful software to customize the extrusion profile to optimize solder ‘dot’ size and volume.”

Simply upload a stencil/paste or image file and Squink's onboard computer will rapidly process it. From there, simply click-and-forget, and within minutes all pads will be covered with paste or glue. You don't have to use a Squink-printed board, but any type of PCB made by yourselves or other vendors. Save on stencils and get your work done in-house at a fraction of the cost!

Technical Specifications

Speed:  3000 dots per hour

Area Covered: 5 sq. inches of pad area per hour

Support Formats: .gts, .gtp, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp

Supported Materials: Conductive Glue, Solder Paste or any paste-like material 

Max Dispensing Area: 6"x6" (15x15 cm)