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Squink - The Desktop Circuit Factory


BotFactory Printer

Squink is a personal factory creating a seamless experience that allows you to prototype faster and affordably while producing repeatable and reliable results without all the mess and complication.

It uses three interchangeable heads to get the job done, all in a one simple machine that fits on your desk. Welcome to the era of "Rapid Prototyping"!


Using inkjet technology, Squink prints conductive ink on a surface to create the traces of the circuit. You can print GERBER RS-274X files or upload PNG, JPG or BMP files. The intuitive web interface will guide you through the process letting you print complex circuits in a matter of minutes.

Conductive Glue

Avoid the need of soldering. Squink uses the soldermask file generated by your CAD tool to place dots of conductive glue in every connection point where a part is to be connected. It's a piece of cake.


Aimed at assembling SMD based circuits, Squink uses vacuum to pick components from a tray. Then it aligns them using computer vision, rotates them according to the "Centroid and Rotation" file created in your CAD tool and places them accurately.

Each component is picked from a tray, not a rail, so the setup of the machine is as simple as it gets. Up to 20 slots can be configured per job, allowing for automated assembly without the complexity of large industrial machines.


Number of Layers


Maximum Circuit Size 5" x 5"
Minimum Feature Size (Line Width) 10 mil      (0.254 mm)
Minimum Line Spacing 10 mil      (0.254 mm)
Minimum Package Size

0603 (in) for two terminal packages.

SOIC for ICs.

Automatic placing of through-hole components is not supported at the moment.

Ink Resisitiviy

87 mOhms/sq as measured

Machine size

17.5 x 17.5 x 15in      (45 x 45 x 38cm)

Machine weight

20 lb      (9.1kg)

Supported Materials Standard Ink

Photopaper or coated transparency film (inkjet compatible)

Supported Materials Advanced Ink

Non-Porous materials: Paper, glass, plastic, FR4

Total Time of Assembly

(4"x 4" board, 15 elements)

Around 30 minutes

Calculated Cost of Fabrication:

(no components included)

(4"x 4" board, 15 elements)

US$5 or less

Nothing speaks like videos

Short Intro to Squink

Squink picks and places components

Larsen Scanner printed with Squink