Build circuits, the easy way

BotFactory brings the future of electronic circuit fabrication to your desk with the introduction of Squink. 

Our small circuit factory sits on your desk and allows you to create electronic designs with a click of a button, guiding you through a seamless process that will take you from a bare substrate to a fully populated and functional circuit in a matter of minutes.

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Print conductive traces


Using inkjet technology, Squink prints conductive ink to create the traces of the circuit. You can print GERBER RS-274X files or upload PNG, JPG or BMP files. The intuitive web interface will guide you through the process letting you print complex circuits in a matter of minutes.

Place solder paste or glue


Squink uses the files generated by your CAD tool to apply dots of conductive glue or solder paste at every connection point where a part is to be placed. Squink will determine how many dots are required depending on the size and shape of each pad. 

Pick and Place components


Aimed at assembling SMD based circuits, Squink uses the "Centroid and Rotation" file created in your CAD tool to pick and place components on a circuit board. With the help of the on-board computer vision it achieves accurate placement of a wide vairiety of SMT components. 

Fortune 500 research labs, Aerospace companies, Universities and Makers are enjoying their Squink right now. Learn why they trust us.