PCB Prototyping, the easy way

BotFactory brings the future of electronic circuit fabrication to your desktop with the introduction of Squink. 

Just like a 3D Printer, our small circuit printer allows you to prototype in minutes instead of weeks, all at the click of a button. After pulling Squink from the box, you are guided through a seamless process that will take you from a bare substrate to a fully assembled and functional circuit board in a matter of minutes. 

Squink prints on different substrates allowing you to create both rigid and flexible circuits.

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New Multi-Layer printing!

Our new multi-layer package allows Squink to print multi-layer boards. Print complex circuit from your desk!

Two layers are currently supported, but additional layers can be attempted. Official support for additional layers is coming your way.

Get the multi-layer bundle for an introductory price until May 15th

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Why does it matter?

Squink uses additive manufacturing. It's a huge deal.

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Reduce your fabrication time from 2 weeks to 30 minutes.

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Reduce the fabrication cost of a prototype from US$250 to US$5

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Print on many different materials: FR4, Kapton, Photopaper, etc

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Keep your IP in-house

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Short learning curve. No training required.

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Transfer your tech from R&D to the field instantly

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A circuit factory on your desktop

Design circuits and let Squink build them.

Print conductive ink

Dispense solder paste or glue

Pick and Place components

Fortune 500 research labs, Aerospace companies, Universities and Makers are enjoying their Squink right now. Learn why they trust us to create 3D Printed Electronics.