What we do.

Building circuit boards takes way too long or costs way too much. At BotFactory, we believe that waiting for days to build an electronic design is keeping engineers from being more productive and flexible.

This is why we are perfecting machines that get the job done fast and at low cost. Our devices print and assemble electronic circuit boards, from your desktop, in a matter of minutes. Creating electronic devices has never been this easy.

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Prototype. At your desk.

You shouldn't have to wait days for a printed circuit board. Our printer can print conductive traces in minutes from the Gerber files you're already making. We can also print from other image formats like png and jpg.

Don't just print. Assemble.

Sure, we can print conductive traces for you but that's not all we do. Our simplified Pick-And-Place system will have your componets attached in minutes.

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Intuitive Web Interface. It'll blow your mind.

At BotFactory we believe in simple and efficent user interactions. Our printers are accessible through a web-based interface. Drag-and-drop an image file and watch as it is processed and printed.