[SV2] Update v1.28

September 10, 2019

BotFactory Inc., Nicolas Vansnick

We released a new version of the Software for SV2

Version: 1.28

Release Date: September 10, 2019

Change Log:

  • New Footprint Manager: the new footprint manager allows the user to manage the footprints that have previously been defined and remembered. It also allows to import/export footprints and comes pre-loaded with some standard footprints.
  • Softer touch when aligning the z-axis, pasting, and PnP operations through a new calibration process for the linear sensor.
  • Increased printing precision by printing closer to the bed via the new z-axis alignment.
  • Increased motion fluidity by improving synchronization between the mainboard and the heads and using a smoother ramping function.
  • Busy animations have been added when the printer is processing.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.