BotFactory Releases new Resistive Inks to Allow for Printing of Components

BotFactory Inc., JF Brandon

After a year of ongoing research and development, BotFactory has formally released their new Resistive Ink Cartridges for use in their SV2 PCB Printer product line. With this new material, researchers and engineers will be able to print resistors and sensors in a matter of minutes on rigid or flexible materials. One particular problem that BotFactory's new Resistive Ink solves is the how to keep components like resistors attached to flexible substrates, an issue that has restricted the adoption of flexible printed electronics into the mainstream. In addition, BotFactory’s 3D Printing technology offers a way to avoid the ongoing global component shortage which has deeply impacted manufacturers worldwide.

Another use is creating resistors with very specific ohmic values as resistors are typically sold in pre-set values, or creating resistors that can be embedded resistors within the PCB itself. This ink can be used for creating touch sensors, strain gauges and other resistive elements like heaters and is compatible BotFactory's existing line of Conductive Ink and Insulating Ink. The power of inkjet printing and 3D printing allows the engineer or researcher to go beyond the existing paradigm of electronics manufacturing today.



Existing users will not require any upgrade for their machines - any Resistive Ink purchased today will be compatible with their PCB Printer but requires curing using another heatbed at 200C for at least 5 minutes.  As with many resistors, this ink is made from carbon and is safe for use in any environment. The sheet resistance is 5.5 kohm per square, with an estimated variance of up to 20% which is typical of carbon inks.

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