Making Silkscreens with Squink

A Simple Hack for Complex PCBs

BotFactory Inc., JF Brandon

Silkscreen legends are important to anyone who has built PCBs from scratch, or even repaired them. Identifying the parts and placing them in the right spot is important. It wouldn't be a big surprise to know that we get a number of calls from Electrical Engineers, Makers and Researchers about how they can do it themselves with Squink.

We carry Black Ink cartridges, so it's been possible to print lettering and symbols no problem - the problem is that laminates like FR4 don't play well with the ink, tending to rub away. Since we can print insulating ink with our new Multilayer Upgrade it is possible to affix the black ink and ensure that it sticks. 

We're still in the early stages of validating this process and making a feature - at the moment it is still a hack but a very valuable to hack to many. Interested to learn more about how you can digitally print legends and silkscreens in minutes for only pennies? Contact us now!