SV2 Head Connection Troubleshooting

What to do when the head doesn't connect

BotFactory Inc., Kate Heinz

How it should work

Ordinarily the head is simply placed onto the SV2 and it will be functional, but in the rare cases when it isn't functional, this guide will help!

The Heads for the SV2 Connect using four magnets and two locating pins. The magnets only allow connection of the head in one direction, with the consumable nozzles facing the front of the printer. 

Ways the connection can fail and how to fix them 

New head is difficult to attach.

If the head is new it may be difficult to attach it at first. Placing your hand on top of the head holder and firmly pushing up on the head can help it to sit correctly.

The electrical connection between the head holder and head don't align.

When the two rows of pogo pins on the head holder don't fully align with the corresponding holes on the head, you will face connection issues. Wiggling the head a little will likely restore that connection.

Locating pins on head are loose.

The large pins on the head holder may loosen over time. If they do aligning the head will be difficult and you may notice an offset in your prints. We can assist with this issue through a customer support ticket. 

Travel and long use wear and tear.

Sometimes travel or long use can knock something out of alignment. It is possible to check this by allowing the magnets on the left or right side to hold the head on without fully engaging the locating pins.

We have never seen alignment issues left to right, but rarely alignment may be off front to back. For assistance with repairing the alignment of the head please create a support ticket by contacting customer support.

Head is connected, but the software doesn't indicate that it is.

Update your software to the newest version to see if that resolves the issue, but if not please contact us by creating a customer support ticket so we can troubleshoot.