3D Printed Resistors?

BotFactory releases new Resistive Ink for exploring new dimension of electronics

BotFactory Inc., Carlos Ospina

Resistive materials are widely found in Printed Circuit Boards and electronics today. The most common is the film resistor, but also sensors, heaters, strain gauges and potentiometers. This is why BotFactory is very pleased to announce our latest product - Resistive ink! 

  • Want to print embedded components? This ink is compatible with our existing conductive ink and insulating ink.
  • Want to print a resistor with a specific value? Certainly possible - you can create any sized resistor above the sheet resistance we have specified (5.5 kohm/square)
  • Do you want to create a flexible PCB that doesn't have parts flying off when it is bent? Print a resistor that flexes without a hitch.
  • Want to print a strain gauge or a heater? Absolutely possible - just upload your pattern that you made in KiCAD or EAGLE as a conductive layer.
  • Want to better protect your sliding contacts from damage? Use the power of carbon and inkjet printing to reduce the mechanical damage.

Maybe there's a use here we missed - well, let us know. Or buy some right now and show it off! We'd love to see our circuit printer being used in the field. Just keep in mind - our resistive ink is only compatible with our SV2 PCB printer

We have loaded our inventory with cartridges and are ready to ship - click below to buy some now!

Resistance isn't Futile - It's easy!

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