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BotFactory Releases Survey Results

Rapid Payback of an SV2 based current industry budgets and needs 

In June 2020, BotFactory released an online, interactive calculator that allowed Engineers, Researchers, Business Owners and Professors to compare how much they spend on creating PCBs with traditional PCB prototyping services and BotFactory's SV2 PCB Printer. The goal was to show how fast one could pay off one of BotFactory's circuit printers, justifying the value of Additive Manufacturing Electronics (aka "3D Printed Electronics") to the World.

Amongst all those surveyed,  the typical payback time of an SV2 Professional was 17.6 months, with 67% seeing an ROI of less than 12 months and 38% seeing a payback of less than 6 months. 

On average each respondant made 22 orders per year of assembled PCBs , spending on average $1640 per round (median value was $691.67). Board size, layer count and complexity varied widely, but the most common size was just under 6 x6 inches (150x 150 mm) with a layer count of 4. By coincidence BotFactory's topline product, the SV2 Professional, is able to print within these parameters. 

Respondants demanded rapid fabrication, ordering their boards to be shipped within a week in 64% of cases. The remainder were comfortable with longer wait times, and. unsurprisingly had the smallest budgets and the least number of rounds than the average.

Pretty cool eh? You can still use our calculator to find out how quickly you can get an Return on Investment with an SV2 PCB Printer - go check it out here. If you're interested in our SV2, contact us now and we'd love to learn what you want to make!