Maker Faire European Edition 2014

BotFactory Inc., Carlos Ospina

The Maker Faire European Edition (Rome) just ended and it was an amazing experience. The crowd was a very healthy mix of families, enthusiasts, makers, and professionals; this required presenters to keep a fresh and adaptable pitch.

There was a lot to see in this faire: the robotic band that played on its own, the Roland pavilion with all sorts of printers and industrial machines that made us feel as in Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, the DLP 3D printer from Lumi-Industries, and the fashion show with interactive pieces are just some of the things that amazed us during this faire.

The visitors at our booth were amazing. Despite our limited ability to communicate in Italian --if any at all-- every interaction became a fun experience. Some people in our crowd didn’t speak English, but there always were people willing to translate for those who needed that. Even more, one person noticed the need for translation and had no second thoughts on translating our whole presentation and writing it on a piece of paper. The translation immediately became part of our booth and was displayed openly for those who needed it, saving us a lot gesturing and poor theatrical performances for which, in all honesty, we hadn’t practiced enough.

The jewel of the crown for us was the recognition we got from the judges. Two of them gave us the “Maker of Merit” ribbon, which gave us a little excuse for celebration before going back to New York and continue working on Squink.

Thanks to everyone who visited us. We hope to see you again soon.