Update v0.9.17 is here!

BotFactory Inc., Carlos Ospina

Don't you love that your Squink is connected to the internet? Well, if you haven't tried, you should connect it right away because we have news for you. Version 0.9.17 is on the air and bring a lot of goodies for you.

We have wonderful things like a full menu on the sidebar of the software interface, enabling you to go back and forth thru the workflow from uploading a trace file to final pick-and-placing. In addition, we've managed to improve the Pick-and-place so that it is significantly more precise when placing ICs like an ATtiny. The extruder head places dots instead of lines, which means more precise deposition of glue on the solder pads.

Heat profile in our heatbed page

We also improved the PID controller driving the heatbed. It not only takes the heatbed to the target temperature more accurately, it also takes it there faster.

So if you're wondering how to update, just turn on your Squink, open the homepage in your browser (Squink.local, for Apple Macs, for example), click on 'Admin' and click on 'check for updates' - if there's an update available, click on 'Update now' and let Squink download and reboot itself. 

Don't forget you can get help by writting us at support@botfactory.co or using our Forum - sign up to learn more!

Happy Circuit Printing!