3D PCB Printing: See How It Works, Then Ask Me Anything

02/01/2023 13:00 to 02/01/2023 14:00


Revolutionize Your Electronic Prototyping with 3D PCB Printing: Crush Turnaround Times and Save Your Budget 

Are you looking for a way to slash lead times and eliminate the cost of outsourcing PCB prototypes? Then join us February 1st for our webinar on 3D PCB printing and learn how this revolutionary technology works and can help you make electronics much faster.

3D PCB printing is a game-changer in the world of electronics prototyping. With 3D PCB printing, you can produce complex circuit boards with greater accuracy and reliability than ever.  

Plus, it eliminates the need for outsourcing your PCB prototypes, saving significant time (turnaround times in hours not days) and money.

During our webinar, we'll show how the technology works. Then come with your questions for our design experts and ask them anything!

Register now for our webinar on 3D PCB printing and get ready to revolutionize your prototyping process.

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  • Notes from the Webinar:

    Who was there?

    • Carlos
    • Afnan
    • Ali Algafly
    • David P --> Left early
    • Ji Ye Lin
    • Mangesh Puranik --> Left early, joined later.
    • Martha Alejandra Mogollan
    • Ruben Garza --> This person was engaged. He asked multiple questions.
    • Van Watts --> He wants our brochure with detailed specs.
    • Stewart and Brian --> He asked about vias and layers, asked about double sided printing.

    Questions from customers:

    • How do we go about the calibration? Pending
    • How are vias built, and can they be thru-hole.
    • Smallest component that we can place?
    • How is the reflow (melting) done?
    • How do you print on the back of a board?
    • Can we print silkscreens? 

    Things to improve:

    • If we are doing some chit-chatting at the beginning, bring some topics prepared, to engage the conversation
      • Weather
      • Sports
      • Latest news about science findings.
    • When a customer asks a questions, we should not be afraid of asking clarification. The question about calibrations was very broad. Calibration of what? It could have simplified the process.
    • On the extrusion head, we should highlight the pressure sensor, which alleviates a lot of the hassle of setting up extrusion due to pressure changes. 
    • We have to be very careful when we say that our boards are equal of better than traditional boards.


    - Send brochure to Van Watts (detailed specs

    - daikinapplied.com (Stewart and Brian) They would be interested in a rental



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