Are you ready for the future of electronic design?

Send us your design, we'll 3D-print it, and you'll see for yourself!

Have you been exploring 3D PCB printing as an alternative to outsourcing your PCB prototyping?  But you're not sure if the technology will work in your lab?  This program is for you!

Talk to us. We'll use one of our SV2 3D PCB printers to produce a fully functioning prototype of your design and send it back to you for testing.

  • Our 3D PCB printer can automatically construct additive builds of complex circuit boards from your designs, saving significant amounts of time and money compared to traditional practices. 
  • 3D printing a PCB prototype allows engineers to rapidly iterate designs with greater accuracy and precision, making changes quickly without manufacturing new parts. 
  • This reduces costs for organizations looking for cheaper, faster ways to develop their electronics, helping them get to market quicker. 
  • 3D printed PCB prototypes also provide a great starting point for engineers looking to validate design ideas by testing their works before committing resources or time to production-level manufacturing methods.
Let us know how to contact you for the next steps, and get ready to take your prototyping process to the next level!