A Game Changer in Operational Readiness

Accelerate Development and Develop Localized Fabrication Centers

Customers Turn to BotFactory when

Defense & Aerospace

Impatient About Long Development Cycles

Frustrated with PCB Supplier Time Difference and Back-and-Forth

Nervous to Stay in Budget

Delayed by Red Tape

Uneasy about Copycats and Tampering

Looking for new PCB Materials and Form Factors

PCB Printing Makes the Process


Reduce your turnaround time from weeks to only a few hours.
94% turnaround reduction on average


By reducing lead time and cost, you can focus on what matters and iterate as many times as needed


$0.8-1.75/sq in/layer
$0.4-0.87/sq in (conductive)
$0.4 to 0.87/sq in (insulating)
Same price for rigid or flexible materials


Keep your technology in-house


Adapt to new form factors and use rigid, flexible, or exotic materials
(e.g., glass, paper, coin)

Empowering End-Users at

3D Printing Electronics

Give end-users the freedom and next generation tools to create single-use parts and complex, precise prototypes.

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