Pick and Place Components with Squink

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) can consume up to 80% of the entire cost of prototyping an assembled PCB. In addition, every engineer, designer, student or researcher runs the risk of making a mistake, delaying development and causing cost over-runs. 

With your Squink PCB Printer, one can use the Pick-and-Place toolhead to rapidly assemble your board in minutes. Using a vaccuum-assist nozzle tip, Squink can pick up parts as small as a 0603 (1608) Surface Mount component, use a camera to make adjustments and place it precisely on your PCB. This is more than just an 'Electronics 3D Printer' but a machine that can create the entire electronic circuit board.

Squink accelerates the development and production of your product or project by bringing PCB prototyping and assembly processes found in factories overseas right to your desktop, overcoming inevitable shipping delays, supplier problems and vendor mistakes that is the bane of every Electrical Engineer's life. 

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Upload and Assemble

Squink Circuit Printers come with a powerful software package that helps you rapidly assemble your board. Connect via WiFi or Ethernet and use your browser to explore the Squink software environment. Upload your files, load the tray with your Surface Mount Components (SMT/SMD) and let the machine do the rest! 

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Technical Specs

Speed: 4 parts per minute

Number of Tray Slots: 4 oversized Slots, 12 Slots for parts 2512 (6.3 x 3.2 mm) or smaller - No Support for Rails

Min Part Size: 0603 (1608 Metric)

Max Part Size: SOIC-24 (10 x 16 mm, or 419 x 614 mils)

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Image Recognition Technology

Our Pick and Place features on-board computer vision, correcting offsets and rotation errors before placing every component. Regardless of size or shape, our computer vision software can identify the edges and rotation at the same, repeatable speed, producing highly reliable operation. 

"I’m more than forty years in the electronic business and can say that I know all other alternatives. The price and its flexibility made me buy it. We have been using Squink for 10 months now, mainly for printing solder paste and PnP in the stage of prototyping and low volume. We are now 5 times faster to assemble our prototypes here in Mexico."

-Eugene Tiefnig, Owner, Solenics