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Print Multilayer PCBs with Squink

Using Squink’s inkjet printhead and our low resistivity conductive ink, fabricate circuit traces in just a few minutes on a variety of stiff and flexible substrates.

Instead of waiting for weeks or shelling out thousands for factory-made PCBs, load Gerber or image files (JPEG, BMP, PNG) into the printer's web interface and have circuits printed in a variety of substrates in minutes! Think of the possibilities with printing flexible lighting on clear films, creating flexible multilayered circuits, or teaching your students the fine art of digital design - all of this is possible with Squink!

Technical Specifications

Ink Type


Recommended substrates


Min Trace Pitch (mils/mm)

Min. Trace Width

Compatible with

Advanced Ink

Create single-layer circuits (or multilayer with the Squink Multilayer PCB Printer)

FR-4 and Kapton, or any material treated with Insulating Ink

40 mOhms/sq.

12 mils/0.3 mm

12 mils/0.3mm

Squink Basic, Multilayer and Premium PCB Printer

Insulating Ink

Used w Advanced Ink to create insulating layer for multilayer boards

Any flat, non-porous surface that can withstand upwards of 110C of heat.




Squink Multilayer and Premium PCB Printer

Standard Ink

Create single-layer boards – multilayering not supported

Photopaper or coated Transparent sheets

50 mOhms/sq.

10 mils/0.254 mm

10 mils/0.254

Squink Basic, Multilayer and Premium PCB Printer

When printing Single layer PCBs with all Squink versions, the maximum printable area is

When one prints Multilayer PCBs, the UV lamp must pass over the insulating ink to cure it, limiting the maximum PCB size to 3 1/3" x 6" (8.4cm x 15.2cm)