BotFactory's ROI Calculator

Compute how long it will take for one of our circuit board printers to pay for itself.

What Do You Make?

Input data that represents the type of boards you may prototype from day to day, or an average of all board types you make in a year.

How it Works

Turnaround Time: Input your average turnaround time for all of your prototyping - we recognize that it may vary.

Turns per Year: Input the number of board runs you make a year

Layers: We have three settings - 1, 2 and 4 layers. We have not released 6 or 8 layer printing with our products .... yet!

Board Width and Height: We assume that your boards are going to be square or rectangular, not rounded or curved.

Let's Recap

Turns Around Time:
Turns Per Year:
Layers Per Board:
Board Size: by inches