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Excited to Build PCBs on Exotic Materials

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PCB Printing Makes the Process


Reduce your turnaround time from weeks to only a few hours.
94% turnaround reduction on average


By reducing lead time and cost, you can focus on what matters and iterate as many times as needed


$0.8-1.75/sq in/layer
$0.4-0.87/sq in (conductive)
$0.4 to 0.87/sq in (insulating)
Same price for rigid or flexible materials


Keep your IP in-house


Adapt to new form factors and use rigid, flexible, or exotic materials
(e.g., glass, paper, coin)

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3D Printing Electronics in the Classroom

Use the next generation desktop tool to enable your students to build electronics directly in class, iterate on their mistakes, and get more done in each semester.

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