Complete Rivet Press Set and 12" Shears

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The perfect accessory for your BotFactory Squink, SV2, or SV2 Pro. Add plated through-holes to your 3D Printed PCBs with the Rivet Press and cut the print out of your sheet of FR4 with the 12" Shears. This set includes one PCB rivet Toolpress, Shears, 1 mm (40 mil) rivets and matching toolhead which is the ideal size for placing most pin headers and connectors. Custom rivet and tool sizes are available upon request.

Solder to Traces

After applying a PCB Rivet it is possible to use solder wire and an iron to solder directly to Inkjet-printed traces.

Cut PCB Boards to Size

A pair of shears is handy for making precise cuts in mere moments, in addition to producing no hazardous FR-4 dust (unlike mill-cutting)

Place Connectors

Through-hole connectors are a needed element of every PCB board. Drill, rivet and solder any variety of connectors to a Squink-printed Board.

Download our technical guide for our PCB Rivet Toolpress to learn more