Research into new Bonding Solutions

BotFactory is all about improvement - we are looking into a new solution for bonding components to printed traces on flexible or rigid materials that is significantly stronger, more reliable, higher precision and faster than existing market solutions.

This solution would be a new accessory product that we'd be selling alongside each PCB Printer and your responses will help us accelerate development and release into the market.

All of your responses will be confidential. We'd appreciate your honest answers and if possible, we'd like to have a short follow-up call with you to make sure we understand everything you share. 

Thank you! 

-BotFactory Team

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In your workplace, do you use a bonding process other than solder paste? *

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What kind of components do you use? What size? *

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Are you familiar with Z-axis anisotropic materials? *

If so, tell me about your experience with anisotropic bonding?

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How often do you work with low temperature substrates? (ie: Plastics, Paper) *

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