Dispense Solder Paste and Conductive Glue

Lay down solder paste or conductive glue on printed or pre-fab boards in minutes using the Extruder toolhead. Squink takes your shaky hands out of the equation so you can get exactly what you need on every pad, every time. Use our own 2-part epoxies, or feel free to experiment with your own pastes, glues or off-the-shelf products to make durable flexible circuits. Use our powerful software to customize the extrusion profile and optimize solder ‘dot’ size and volume.”

Simply upload a stencil/paste or image file and Squink's onboard computer will rapidly process it. From there, simply click-and-forget, and within minutes all pads will be covered with paste or glue. You don't have to use a Squink-printed circuit board, but any type of PCB made by yourselves or other vendors. Save on stencils and get your PCB prototyping or production done in-house at a fraction of the cost!

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Technical Specifications

Speed:  3000 dots per hour

Area Covered: 5 sq. inches of pad area per hour

Supported Formats: .gts, .gtp, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp

Supported Materials: Conductive Glue, Solder Paste or any paste-like material 

Max Dispensing Area: 5"x5" (127x127 mm)

"We can now make circuit boards immediately without using external services, and at a much lower cost. Another advantage is that you do not need stencils and screen printers anymore to apply solder paste. That alone reduces cost up to 400 USD per circuit board which is a lot in the prototyping stage."

-Eugene Tiefnig, Owner, Solenics